Max-OT (maks’ ô’ tê) is an intense weight training concept/program which revolves around the idea of exercising using heavy weights at low repetitions with some rest between the sets.

Max-OT is built on the concept of maximizing the efficiency of each workout and minimizing the amount of time in the gym. It consists of doing 4-6 repetitions per set, and doing 6-9 sets with 2-3 minutes rest between each set for eight to ten week cycles followed by a week of rest. A workout session usually lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Each body part is worked once a week using free weight exercises to ensure maximum growth. Max-OT primarily relies on compound exercises to work both major and stabilizer muscles.

While an intense weight training program, Max-OT is designed for anyone interested in improving their fitness from bodybuilders to beginners.

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